Wild Things

Created for Apisek Wongvasu - Photo in 2014

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We have done

  1. Photography
  2. Retouch
  3. Set design
  4. Stylist
Photographer Apisek Wongvasu and set designer / taxidermist Top Kornchawan joined forced in creating a surreal set for Daybeds magazine.

The concept is to create a story of a solitary woman who lives in harmony with wild animals.

Preserved stuffed animals were used through out the set in a location which give reader a modern European atmosphere.  As the issue is due right on Chinese new year, a separate model in a chinese traditional dress were also shot for the cover at the same location.

Lighting are primarily artificial but at the same time Apisek was trying to create a naturally-lit look.


Polar bear and friends

Top Kornchawan as set designer and an avid taxidermist, created a set full of wild wild animals.





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