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Created for Apisek Wongvasu - Photo in 2014

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While combing the market for the perfect swim trunk for his summer vacation, property design consultant – Pow Foong, couldn’t find what he was looking for.  So he decided to create one himself.

TIMO  Trunks, launched in 2009 and has since received almost a cult following in the local Thai market.  Lately it has become an even bigger phenomenon with its appearance in the list of top global brands to look out for 2014 by Monocle magazine.

TIMO designs are colourful, playful, fun.  Conscientious attention is paid to the structural details lining the trunks, and each pair is engineered with the comfort, convenience and classiness of the wearer in mind. With features like subtly inserted pockets and air escape apertures that facilitate amphibious movement, it is no wonder this premium swimwear line has garnered such loyal clientele.  You just can’t not love a TIMO when you have one in your hand, trust us.


TIMO Edition: Bauhaus


Styled to mimic a lake side pier summer setting.

For TIMO’s 2014 collection, Pow gave us “Around the world” as the collection’s concept.

We scouted locations so that we can create images with different geographic looks.  We managed to complete the entire shoot in just one day with locations less than 15 minutes from each other.

No digital compositing went into these images.  Although we did quite a bit of colour grading to preserve the given theme.

Black forest

A rubber plantation, made to look like a light European forest.


TIMO edition


Rivers run through it

Sunset at the coast of an eastern Thailand river, and another shot in an old mine filled with rain water.




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