The New York Minute

Created for Chut Janthachotibutr - Photo in 2014

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The New York Minute is a photographic exhibition of subjects living their everyday lives in New York City by Chut Janthachotibutr.

New York City is a fast-paced city, where its inhabitants – the New Yorkers, literally move at the speed of light.  This particular exhibition by the photographer showcases a series of photographs that captured New Yorkers at their utmost solitary moments.

The series captures everyday experiences that were being affected by unforeseen circumstances. The collection is curated to highlight the moments when people and things juxtaposed and come together to form an endless interpretation of our very own existence.  The collection is curated by Phathaiwat Changtrakul, creator of Art Scene TV, and main curator of the recently well-received Hotel Art Fair.


The New York Minute

a photographic exhibition of subjects living their everyday lives in New York City by Chut Janthachotibutr.

“….What intrigue me about photography is the ability to capture

the “Moment”.  The Moment when, I feel connected with my surroundings.
The “Moment” when my concentration is being focused entirely on my subjects.
The “Moment” where there is an absolute clarity in composition, colors, and meaning.  The “Moment” where all life comes to a complete stop and turns itself into visual poetry.  These are the “Moments” that I live for.  Living in New York City does not only amplify these “Moments” but also encourages me to seek out more of them to be collected into my visual memories….”

Chut Janthachotibutr is freelance photographer based in New York City and is represented by the iP, a visual artist agency.  The dates of the exhibition is from March 13th to  17th 2014 at Tease Gallery J-Avenue, Thonglor, Bangkok.   The opening reception is on March 13th from 17:00 till late.

Full list of images can be found here, along with particulars.

Exhibition date

March 13th to  17th 2014 at Tease Gallery J-Avenue, Thonglor, Bangkok.





Full list of images

Please download from link here, with details along with particulars. 




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