Created for Gun Phansuwon - Photo in 2014

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Gun Phansuwon shot 2014 campaign and look book for Sobasiz Bangkok.

Sobasiz is a new brand with its spin-off designer from established Chai Gold Label.

Dresses includes stunning gowns appropriate for many different occasions.

Sobasiz’s collection entails gorgeous and unique evening dresses and elegant day wear with classic silhouettes but with unique materials.

Whether the evening calls for a shorter hemline and a classic plunging neckline or a more traditional silhouette is called for, it’s hard to go wrong with a Sobasiz dress.


Somehow, the little black dress says it all

A new interpretation on the LBD.

Gun shot the collection on white background and specially designed white blocks (designed by Kornchawan C) which accentuated the geometric backdrops and created the required stark contrast with the flowing curvatures of the elegant Sobasiz dresses.

The shots were shot on a Phase One IQ260 digital back for maximum resolution, with lights from Broncolor.






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