Absolute Siam Exhibition

Created for Daneenart Burakasikarn - Stylist in 2013

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Portraits exhibition at the ground floor of Siam Center this coming August 2nd 2013 by Wasan Puengprasert. This is part of the event – Absolute Siam by Siam Center.

The 16 portraits are of well-known figures and upcoming social media influencers.

The photographic sessions were produced in 3 days at Chammni-eye’s studio and is now being minimally retouched and printed.

Miss Prang in winterfield theme dress

Preliminary images

Exhibition will be in Black and White large format photographic prints.

Wasan’s shooting style was to focus on emotions and character. With minimal lighting set up and fast working style. The sixteen portraits were done relatively quick in just two working days.

Photographs are done using PhaseOne system camera with IQ180 80MP digital back for maximum resolution. We envisage to print in large format up to 2m wide.

Sixteen celebrities portraits

Representing the theme “Absolute”, as part of the Absolute Siam exhibtion.

Film director, Pen-Ek

Painter, Sakvud Visetmanee

Model, Phitsinee

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