Rethink Urbanism

Created for Add Peerapat - Photo in 2014

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iP Curated a series of photographs by “Add” Peerapat Wimolrungkarat for A­­P Thailand in his solo exhibition name ‘Rethink Urbanism’.  As Bangkok’s urban landscape continues to evolve, AP’s mission remains to create a living environment that complements the people’s urban reality.

In ‘Rethink Urbanism’, a series of photographs by Peerapat Wimolrungkarat captures the interplay between light and shadows, organic and man-made, sharp angles and architectural curves to give us a glimpse at the ever-changing yet always uniquely fascinating face of Bangkok’s urban cityscape, reminding us once again that underneath the seemingly complex reality, with the new eyes, there is blissful simplicity to be found.




AP Thailand

AP is a leading property developer that sponsored the exhibition.



Rethink Urbanism

A solo show by Add Peerapat at the Hotel Art Fair 2014 Luxx Hotel Langsuan Bangkok.





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