Rabbit by Tada Varich

Created for Tada Varich - Photo in 2014

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A new book is in the works, featuring unpublished images by  Tada Varich.

The photographs were taken over the past ten years as his own journal of decadence, liberty and lust.  He injected himself into the lives of models, partied with them and took these pictures using mostly compact film and early digital cameras.  It was all on location and mostly shot in Europe and North America.

The name “Rabbit” came from the notion that the animal has tendencies to have non-stop sexual activities, hence the idiom “F*&k like a Rabbit”.


Self portrait of duo

Friends with benefits

Tada’s journal of the real modelling world captured on film in his new book.

iP is publishing the book which is to be sold internationally.

In addition to the publication, we are also organising corresponding exhibitions.

Dates and venue to be confirmed in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. Selected framed prints, signed edition of 20 will also be available through the exhibiting galleries.

Girl on film

Images were captured using film compacts, or early digital compact cameras.


Smoking blonde


Sexual healing

These images are captured over the past ten years and now will be published in his upcoming book.



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