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Apisek Wongvasu created images for Olivia Diamonds sister brand – OLVD 2014 look book .

The avant garde jewelry pieces are quite unique with its selective blacken silver accented with pearls and shiny surfaces.

The concept is to make the jewelry young and rebellious but at the same time elegant.  They are designed to be put on as group, the more the better.

The resulting images are designed to be dark and mysterious while projecting a posh rocker look of the model .


OLVD rebellious jewelry

Rebel with a cause

Blacken silver highlight OLVD’s modern take on classic jewelry.

Apisek used the 80 mega pixel Phase One IQ180 digital back for maximum quality.

Lighting are by Profoto new B1 units with colour gels in blue and orange to create the mysterious mood required by the shoot.  Leading make up artist Andi Soon created a natural yet upscale look on Nati, our model.

Some retouching were done on the images to accentuate the jewelry so that they stand out from the darkish background .

Love that look 

Images to be featured in OLVD 2014 jewelry look book.



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