MM Style shoot

Created for Apisek Wongvasu - Photo in 2013

We have done

  1. Photography
  2. Retouch
  3. Stylist
Apisek Wongvasu was planning to recreate Helmut Newton on his shoot for MM style bags. The brief was to create a mannequin look for the model which highlighting the bags and accessories. The shoot will be used in advertisements as well as their catalog and look book.

Models are dressed minimally and hard light mimicking noon sunlight were used. The session was styled by Telm Daneenart which is one the hotter stylist in Thailand at the moment and has a good working relationship with Apisek and the iP team.

The shots were captured with PhaseOne DF+ body and the new IQ260 digital back. Superb dynamic range and extremely nice skin tones were captured well in this series. Lighting were by Bowen mono heads and elinchrom light modifieres.

Smoke kills.

Recreating Newton

Hard lights and strong shadows were prominent in this very graphic shoot for MM style.

Mirror used to reflect model and sky into the shot.

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