Hotel Art Fair 2014

Created for Beer Nattapat - Photo in 2014

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 Hotel Art Fair is an event created by our partner Farmgroup. The purpose of the Hotel Art Fair is to gather top galleries in Thailand and provide an opportunity for them to showcase their collections, broaden their audience and allow the public to view the artworks in a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.  This year iP runs the photographic art room, which we present works from photographic artists as well as personal works from commercial photographers that we represents.  2014 is the second year of this show, which proved to be extremely successful.  The show was packed with collectors and visitors!


Rock Away Beach #1 by Chut Janthachotibutr

Hotel Art Fair 2014

24-25th at LUXX Hotel Langsuan

The only room in the show that was dedicated to photographic arts.  Wasan was showing a duo of collages of his polaroids exposure checks back from the film days.  One is titled Under exposure, while the other is Over exposure.  Rang Ittirit was showing his collaboration with Artist Note Krisada who draw interesting lines over his image printed on canvas.

Chut J. was showing 3 new images from his new series Rock Away Beach.

iP Photographic Art room

iP was showing exciting new works from artists and photographers we represents.


Rang Ittirit’s new work with Collaboration with Artist Note Krisada

Selected images from the iP room

iP was showing works from Tada Varich, Wasan Puengprasert, Beer Nattapat, Joe Nathapol, Joe Surat, and Benya Hegenbarth, among others.









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