Faces of Siam

Created for Apisek Wongvasu - Photo in 2013

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These pictures are first of a series – a long term ongoing project for Apisek Wongvasu, managing member of inProductions.

Faces of Siam is a set of photographs intended to capture faces of Thailand’s inhabitants that are rarely seen by foreigners and even Thai city-dwellers.

Including those of ethnic communities, rural villages, and minorities living in the edge of the country. The portraits are full of surprises including surreal settings which are real, not re-created.

The final product will be an exhibition and also likely to be published in art book format. This is a long-term project so we envisage it to be printed in 2014-2015. Stay-tuned!

Karen elders on Vesak day.

Faces of Siam
Photographs of actual people, in their actual places.

The shots are being done in technical perfection. Mobile lights set up were used to recreate atmosphere. We use PhaseOne camera bodies and PhaseOne IQ180 digital back. The 80MP resolution gives us maximum quality that we need for large format exhibition and prints. Sample prints are being done and is now hanged at our offices. It is 2.2m high and is absolutely gorgeous!

Karen elders

Cheingmai 2013. Kern is an ethnic minority in the northern part of Thailand. In their ceremony dress attending Vesak day at the local temple.

Novice monks

Young monks posted for us at a hill top temple. The temple is an oasis of peace and tranquility.

Island men

Southern island Thai men. Handling the ins and outs of beach tourists.

CY8U7831 CY8U7825

Boat boy

This boy deliver hot food, cooked in his uncle’s boat, to customers on shore.


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