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Created for Add Peerapat - Photo in 2015

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Add Peerapat recently held an exhibition at Ink&Lion and it was very well received.

After watching the hit film Mood Indigo, Peerapat knew instantly that he simply must visit Paris. The city beckoned with secrets and mystique to be discovered. As soon as he was able, he sought a work sabbatical and made his first visit to Paris in 2012 and then again in 2013. He spent these sojourns roaming endlessly through city streets and past blinding lights, searching for clues.

He purposely constrained himself with his trusted Rolleilex 6×6 cm film camera. With only 12 shots per roll it forced him to slow down and concentrate on the subjects. He worked like a sniper. Every shot, every frame, every moment must have meaning.  The shots must reveal the secrets and piece together the mystery of this enigmatic city.   Patiently, tenaciously, with each shutter release he executed his mission.

With the trusty Rolleiflex discreetly hidden under his pea coat, together they roamed the City of Lights. Towards the end of his long journey, what he finally realized is that the secrets of Paris are not held within the Louvre, Notre Dame, or Champs-Elysées.  No, this beautiful, elusive mystique lies within the souls of the Parisians themselves. It’s in their laughter, cries, and kisses. . .it’s in the

Parisian air that fills their hearts and minds. And so, with this discovery, Peerapat works at his craft, his passion.

Peerapat ‘Add’ Wimolrungkarat was trained as an Architect, but has been a professional photographer since he left university. His works appeared in numerous publications including two of his own books, and recently on the covers of Thailand Tatler magazine.   An exhibition with the same name was held in February 2015 in Bangkok.

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